OPPO MH135-3 Headset Wired Type-C Earphone with HD Mic

Slim, Sleek & Stylish
Listening is a stress-free experience with the feather-light in-ear chambers. The light weight helps reduce distortion caused by cavity resonance and allows for more natural sound reproduction
Product Code: Oppo Type-c Handfree MH135-3
Brand: Oppo
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Original OPPO MH135-3 Headset Wired Type-C Earphone with HD Mic for OPPO Find X Xiaomi Huawei Samsung Type-C Plug Smartphones





1.Product Brand: OPPO
2.Product Model: MH135-3 Type-C
3.Wear Way: Half Ear
4.Wired Controller: Yes
5.Microphone: Yes
6.Line Length: 1.2m
7.Plug Type: Type-C
8.Waterproof: No
9.Color: White
10.Function: Applicable to Find X and other Type-C interface phone models


The minimalist streamlined shape is as light and elegant as the music flows. The lustrous white body and the metal woven mesh sound hole design, more intelligent in the smart.

The semi-in-ear design is more suitable for the auricle structure, rejects the sense of squeeze, and effectively reduces external noise.
Soft and comfortable to wear, let you immerse yourself in the wonderful music.


1*OPPO MH135-3 Headset



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