M10 Intelligent Electric Pulse Neck Massager with Heat Portable Massage Equipment

1, The neck massager relieves your pain, knots and muscle tension, combined with modern electronic technology and several patents to simulate a real human massage for the best massage. Simply wipe with a washcloth and make sure the part of your neck that is in contact with the two metal pads on the back of the massager is well moistened. This makes you feel more intense.
2, 3 MODES, 15-LEVEL INTENSITY with VOICE BROADCAST. Real vibration, electromagnetic, heating. Precise positioning, deeply relieve your neck fatigue. Our neck massager uses advanced micro-current pulse technology to simulate three body massage modes—Knocking,Scraping,Message-acupuncture,and 15 intensity settings. you can choose the most suitable mode you need to reduce neck muscle pain or body tension.
3, Gift box packaging, equipped with remote control, flannel bag, manual, data cable. We are additionally equipped with a flannel bag, which is convenient for you to carry this product anywhere. Charge for One Hour, an
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YYZP Intelligent Neck Massager

Let You

Say Goodbye to Sore Neck and Cervical Spine

Relieve Fatigue and Tension Every Day

(For a better experience, please wipe neck with a wet towel, aloe vera gel or essential oil before use.)


Fashion Massager

Both Health and Appearance, suitable for Various Scenarios

4-Point Positioning U-Shaped Ring Neck

Fits Skin Better, Massages Comfortably, Super Soft Liquid Silicone Material, Adapt to the Neck Curve

High Frequency Mute

Noise Reduction Design

0-20 Decibels, Very Quiet, Almost No Sound


Exclusively Customized for You

Multiple Functions

Pulse Low Frequency

Constant Temperature Hot Compress


Intelligent Remote

Intelligent Voice Broadcast

Leakage Protection Safety

EMS+TENS Double Pulse Technology

Electric frequency pulses are conducted through the skin to directly act on sensory nerve cells, blocking the transmission of cervical pain signals between sensory nerve cells and achieving the effect of alleviating soreness.

Relieve Cervical Pressure

The pulse electric frequency is transmitted to the deep skin to simulate a variety of artificial massage techniques to achieve the effect of deeply relaxing the cervical spine.

42°Warm Compress

Drive Away the Fatigue of the Day

The heat is introduced into the depths of the texture through the acupoints, bringing the comfort and comfort of a hot towel, regaining the relaxed state of the shoulders and necks.


Sufficient Battery

800 mah Capacity Battery, charge for one hour

Use every day for 15 minutes and last for about 30 days

The data mentioned on this page, unless otherwise specified, are from the laboratory. Due to changes in the objective environment and other factors, the data may be different or error.

Intimate Voice Reminder

Clearly Regulate the Massage State

Each function has a voice prompt broadcast, the operation is clearer and simpler, and you can enjoy the massage experience easily.

Real-time remote control

Don't bother Easier

Use wireless remote control to switch, just press lightly, enjoy comfort.


Design with Care

Just for a more comfortable experience

Give you a healthy cervical spine


1. Electrode Surface Design

Increase skin contact area

2. Elastic Wall Technology

Good resilience and toughness

3. 360 degree Floating Electrode Sheet

Automatically fit the neck curve

4. The power button is integrated with the decoration design

Simple and high-end, touch more texture

Leisure Comfortable

Relax Enjoy your life

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