About Us

1About us

Facilitating the Pakistani mass market of online shoppers since the year 2009, Snapdeal.pk opts to reach the pinnacle of success as the premium choice for buyers and sellers across the country. Headquartered in the largest and the port-city, Karachi, Snapdeal.pk provides ease of access to buyers to reach their favourite brands at the tap of their screen or the click of a button.
Snapdeal.pk with its customer-oriented designing brings out the sheer brilliance of online shopping to its valued customers. At Snapdeal.pk every segment has its own aspect of potentially infinite customer access, where we hold our seller fraternity as close as the customers. From fashion ranges to gadgets, accessories to a wide range of electronics, Snapdeal.pk provides a one-stop for all to the online shopping fraternity.
We at Snapdeal.pk seek for an alliance with our sellers and a relation of trust with our customer family. Bringing the ultimate speed of delivery with our unprecedented brisk delivery service, the delight of our customers with quality products and services is the core of our operations. Snapdeal.pk with its specially trained staff at its customer support department awaits to answer any query, complaint or return or exchange demand 24/7 which we believe might be in the rarest case, with excellence that is thoroughly checked quality sellers provide in the product quality.  
Service quality and its excellence, our services include:
  • Delivery
    Stationed at Karachi, yet our delivery service can reach your doorstep at the very edge of the country.
  • Customer support
    Guaranteed satisfaction, yet we wait to answer your queries and provide assistance 24/7.
  • Negotiated price tag
    Saving the hassle, we already negotiate with the seller so you can have the most competitive prices.
  • Track your product
    Confirmed, dispatched and reaching soon. A tracking service never witnessed with such accuracy.
  • Payment
    Trusted payment method with [cash on delivery] and secured card transaction.
  • Updates Newsletter
    Bringing the ultimate sales and discounts by Snapdeal.pk right to your email-box
An ultimate product range, our products include:
  • Cell-phones, smartphones, tablets, phablets and etc.
    Launched in the country? Our sellers have it awaiting your order!
  • Accessories
    Headphones to earplugs, phone covers to chargers and etc.
  • Fashion and lifestyle
    Casual to formal wear! Men, women and children! Cosmetics to cleansing! You name it and Snapdeal.pk has it!
  • Electronics
    Top quality appliances for your household assorted for ease
Features of all products are mentioned in the description of the product. Snapdeal.pk envisions customer trust and seller integrity and has no hidden charges and all information related to the product is clearly mentioned. Any additional information which is different is highlighted by Snapdeal.pk below the products. Installation on some of the product is offered by the retailers and is provided for in the product details.