Xiaomi 70mai Rear Camera

70mai Rear Camera RC06 Full HD 1920x1080 for 70mai A500S,A800, A800S dash cam Ultra HD Dual-Vision Camera
Product Code: 70mai Rear Camera RC06
Brand: 70mai
Warranty: 06 month
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70mai Rear Cam For 70mai 4K A800 4K Dash Cam

Car DVR Camera 70mai A800 4K Rearview cam 【Full HD】1920*1080 resolution
Cable length:5.5M * the camera cannot work independently. need to use together with A800, A800S, A500S


Xiaomi 70mai RC06 Rear Camera, the best equipment for your car

Rear camera – A800 compatible – SONY sensor – Adaptable – Dual camera – Fog lamp function

A device designed to help you while driving. At PowerPlanetOnline we bring you the best devices according to your needs, including those focused on helping you when driving. With the new Xiaomi 70mai Rear View Camera RC06 you can have the best parking assistance, so you can be safer. It is designed for use with the 70 mai A800 thus obtaining a complete safety system, both at the front and at the rear. Read on and you’ll discover why it’s one of the best car accessories.

SONY sensor for your safety

This new rear camera is one of the best models for you to be on the safe side. This way, this model is equipped with a SONY sensor so you can see everything in the best way. It is one of the most spectacular cameras you will find. It’s an adaptable model that can be used in all situations, both for your safety and to help you park your car.

You can use it together with other cameras, both rear and front, being suitable for use with the new 70mai Dash Cam A800. It also features a fog lamp function. It is one of the best models you will find.

Enjoy driving with the new Xiaomi 70mai Rear View Camera RC06 that you will find at PowerPlanetOnline

One of the best models that you will find, and that you will be able to have with two years of guarantee. Delivery at home in only a few days.

Technical specifications Xiaomi 70mai Rear Camera RC06 compatible with A800

  • Brand: Xiaomi 70mai
  • Model: RC06
  • A800 compatible rear camera
  • Camera:
    • SONY IMX415 Sensor
    • Lens: 7G + IR Filter
    • Aperture: f / 1.8
  • Functions:
    • Parking mode
    • Dual camera
    • APP connection
    • ADAS
    • Speed and coordination
    • WDR
    • Defogging
    • Compatible with A800
  • Colour: black

Box contents

  • 1 x Xiaomi 70mai Rear Camera RC06 compatible with A800
  • 1 x 5.5m connection cable

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