XP-Pen P05/05S Battery-free Stylus

Only for XP-Pen Deco 03, Star G640S, Artist 15.6, Artist 13.3V2, Deco 01 v2
With Out Pen Holder
Brand: Xp-Pen
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Advanced Battery-free stylus, user-friendly and environmental-friendly

The P05 stylus does not require batteries or charging—no clumsy cords or extra costs, allowing you draw and create with ease!

Environmental,long life

No battery

No need charging

Efficient and functional

One-click toggle allows you to switch between pen and eraser modes instantly, creating a more efficient and less frustrating work flow.

one-click toggle

Comfortable & stable grip at your fingertips

Features a non-slip design, delivering a comfortable & stable grip for drawing and painting.

non-slip rubber design

Excellent substitute for a mouse

P05 stylus comes with all the functionality of a standard mouse and more! Avoid the wrist pain and stiffness after prolonged usage that comes from a traditional mouse.

*The pen holder not included,
should be purchased separately.


Net weight(g)



Battery free


Star G640S, Deco 03, Artist 13.3V2, Artist 15.6,Deco 01 V2, Star 06C.


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