The combo of low-cut frequency response and decent mids and highs makes the best clarity for the price.
Shock mount and desk stand come fully equipped. But also fit in any arm stand with the included adapter.
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Mythbuster: RGB does not help to increase the FPS of your game. But a desktop RGB microphone does help get rid of the burden on your head without denting a single bit of appeal of your streaming. And more importantly, make your voice sound more pleasant to either teammates or viewers.

Even if you make up your mind dipping a toe into an RGB microphone, it is hard for you to find a stylish and trustworthy one without costing a great fortune. Up until now, with the launch of FIFINE AmpliGame A8, you have one more option to consider adding to your RGB arsenal. But why?

One USB-C three kinds of compatible devices

USB is always easy to use, just plug in, talk and you are sounding amazing and crashing the noobs. Nothing mind-blowing at all? How about comparing to a minutes-long pre-flight check every time for using an XLR microphone setup? A plug-and-play microphone is definitely a great relief to the impatient people of your squad. 

But USB microphone is not exclusive to Windows or Play Station Console gamers, the compatibility with Mac will also help with the workflow of your audio project. 

USB setup may come as no surprise, but the pleasing features will keep on coming if you look deeper into it. First comes the very welcome addition of the type-c. It is rather convenient to use around your studio when everything just uses the same type of cable.

Capacitive Mute Button

If there is a gaming-feature top list, the quick-mute must claim the crown. With one integrated into the top, you need not to remember yet another hotkey. To make the experience even better, it is touch-sensitive to mute yourself without indicating others with audible clicking. The LED icon on the top is the guarantee of having no accidental mute on stream. 

Suspension Shock Mount

Right out of the box comes the pre-assembled microphone and the shock mount. Unlike the traditional mounts that are screwed into the bottom of the mic with a nut, the included one of the AmpliGame A8 is attached with elastic rubber bands. Thus it is more effective at keeping unwanted vibrations from making their way into your streaming.

For streaming in front of the camera, the size and the aesthetic of a microphone or a headset count. Bulky gears are not just hard to fit anywhere comfortably but are also likely to block your face quite easily. A smaller profile microphone should be the first choice of the streamers who wants more interaction with their viewers.

Latency-free Monitoring

Microphone Input Control

Detachable Pop Filter

  • The latency-free headphone jack is not a big deal for everyone. Podcasters have chances to go back and redo the episode recording, but it is never a pleasant thing to do. Then the live monitoring to make sure every bit of the recording sound right is all the more practical and useful than any other feature. Gamers can also use the headphone jack as an extra benefit to run a quick check-up to hear what you sound like in the game when you are jamming with your teammates.
  • Coming right after on the list is a physical gain dial. It is hard to be meh about an external control on the board. Because the last thing you want to do is have to alt-tab and jump into software to change the settings, which is especially true when you are gaming.
  • The frame-less see-through style of the pop filter with a smiley FIFINE logo on it follows suites. It minimizes itself even further with the slightly curved shape. In terms of aesthetics, it smashes the obnoxious flapper pop filter. But it is not all about the look, the density of the plastic mesh is enough to prevent air from blowing directly into the microphone. 

Lights on & Zone in

Some say that a hardcore gamer will try to light on all the stuff. Because RGB does not only let you stand out a bit more, but as the saying goes it actually increases the FPS.

But who wants controllable RGB lighting is a more sensible gamer. In that term, the AmpliGame A8 is also a sensible RGB microphone. It is a bit understated, until the lights go on, thing changes! You can make it visible on the camera by switching the RGB on, or more eye-catching by turning the rainbow colorway on, or match the current color scheme of your room by choosing among 7 types of pure color lighting, or into character of working day by switching off the light off.

All Mouth No Trousers is Not Its Style

  • It has a pleasant appearance and lighting effect to look at. But what matters most to a microphone is that it also has a pleasant audio file to hear. When it comes to sound quality, an unoffensive tone is the most precise description of the AmpliGame A8. Thus, you can garnish it with the RGB to shout at your teammates at warzone, and dress it down to take part in a podcast or a working-from-home conferencing.
  • It is made to work right out of the box. But when using it with the included stand or even a boom arm on a desk, it is inevitable to be the subject of vibration or banging noises. In addition to the physical absorption from the shock mount, the frequencies below 200Hz are less sensitive. Thus the booming or rumbling sound from the vibration of the desk or the working air-con will become much less prominent in the reproduced audio.
  • Not just the low-end noises can not make a mess of your streaming or podcasting, nor the sibilance sound. Thanks to the rather flat frequencies between 5kHz and 13kHz, even without the pop filter, you still do not hear much of the annoying sibilance. These two add up to make a super clean live streaming or spoken word and voice-over recording possible. 
  • To make things better, the treble is high enough to capture a bit more details from your voice. It is nowhere near to the recently launched model from FIFINE, it aims specifically for people who want the clean and more neutral sound.


Polar PatternCardioid
Output ConnectionUSB Type-C (mic end) to type-A 2.0 (computer end)
Power ConsumptionUSB 5V power
Frequency Response50Hz-20kHz
Shipping Weight1.0 kg
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